All work © Spyros Bionic


Graduate of Akto Art&Design with a BA degree in Graphic design of Middlesex university. Based in Athens , born and raised in Corfu, one of the greatest Greek islands.  The pencil was the first thing I fell in love with at the age of 9 and never left it ever since. I live to design and design to live.

Taking on a large range of projects and I'm consecutively expanding my horizons on different styles of design. Minimalism is my thing and there happens to be a serious infatuation for logo design and character design. I constitute a significant part of since 2011 and have been awarded for best photography at the Shootit festival 2009. My inspiration is triggered from almost everything/everyone around me and especially music, movies, video games, photography, interior and architectural design as much as artists from the industries mentioned above.

Facing every single project I choose to take on as a new challenge is the way to keep myself creative and interested until the job is done perfectly to the most unimportant detail. Perfectionist is my middle name. No...


...Bionic is my middle name.